About Us

Mare Incognita is a company that operates in the field of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Geological applications. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, it provides a broad range of services spanning from field surveying and data analysis to decision making and management.
Mare Incognta was founded in 2018 by two MSc geologists specialised in research regarding Coastal Management and Coast and River Dynamics . Driven by the immediate risks of climate change and sea level rise, the company focuses on providing direct and timely protection of coasts, the environment and human facilities through coastal erosion forecasting and coastal zone management.
Mare incognita collects and studies bathymetric and sedimentary data, climatic and hydrodynamic data for the purpose of calculating beach retreat on certain projected sea level rise scenarios. We study all the above phenomena with specialized knowledge and skills as well as with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our main services are:
Advisory / Coastal Management.
Calculation and study of Coastal Erosion.
Bathymetric survey.
Ground truth of remote-sense data.
Sedimentary Analysis.
Geological, hydrogeological survices.
Environmental Management.
Data analysis/ GIS/ Remote sense.

We follow an interdisciplinary approach designing solutions adaptive to future changes but also aligned with the needs of our clients. Our priority is making sustainable development in coastal areas feasible for the protection of both the environment and human activity.