Advisory / Coastal Management
Consultancy on coastal issues. Based on geomorphological, sedimentological, climatic and environmental data in the study area, we draw direct and useful conclusions on the protection of the coast, infastructures and the local economy.

Coastal Erosion Calculation / Study
Study of all morphological processes occurring in a coastal system as these are shaped by both the hydrodynamic status and human activity. The study is done by processing in situ measurements and using numerical models to detect beaches or parts of them that are under the threat of erosion taking also into account sea-level rise scenarios due to climate change. Quantification of the rate of erosion enables the design of integrated coastal protection solutions when this is necessary.

Bathymetry / Bathymetric survey
Surveying the sea (or river) bottom using a vessel equipped with a single beam echo sounder linked to an RTK GPS receiver. The resulting bathymetric maps give a three-dimensional representation of the bottom relief with an accuracy of 1 cm and are designed using special hydrographic software.

Ground truth
Provision of field bathymetric data as well as field observations to be used for comparison against corresponding data generated through remote sensing techniques.

Sediment analysis
Laboratory sediment analysis. Samples are collected from the study area with a sediment sampler and are processed in the lab with sieves and specific statistical software to calculate the average grain size (d50).

Geological, hydrogeological studies
Conduction of geological / hydrogeological studies and surveys which are an integral part of the successful design and implementation of technical and environmental projects and research.
The geological studies include the geological mapping of the area under study, the determination of the lithological and tectonic characteristics, the geological layers structure, the hydrogeological conditions, the characterization of all geomorphological parameters and the sedimentary distribution of the area through the collection and analysis of samples.

Geological studies have a wide range of applications:
• Coastal protection works
• Port works
• Infrastructure and road works
• Environmental protection projects

Environmental studies
Provision of environmental studies in the coastal zone. Diagnosis of eutrophication and water quality incidents in rivers and coastal environments. Calculation of nutritional and environmental indicators in rivers and coastal environments. Application of holistic models for the calculation of the ecological status of river basins.

Data Analysis / GIS / Remote Sensing
Spatial Data Processing Service, Digitization and Map Processing, Statistical Analysis and Modeling Services, Remote Desktop Analysis Services.